How To: How Did He Do That? The Perplexing Rainbow Shots

How Did He Do That? The Perplexing Rainbow Shots

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Creative video editing.

The internets? say: "Take a shaker tin and fill it 3/4 with ice. Add Malibu, Vodka, and Triple Sec first. Tilt the tin and add Grenadine. Then add OJ and Sweet and Sour. Finally topping it off with Blue Curacao. Do not shake. Watch the colors layer as you pour. In LA we use 6 Rocks glasses with 2 ounces each. Meant for 2 people. Have fun!"

How did he fit a rainbow in that jug?

The density of each colour liquid is slightly denser as you work from green to orange. Watch as the colours change slightly at the end of each pour.

The 17 second videos don't really explain this bartending trick in too much detail, so I decided to walk people through it step by step so that everyone can do it!

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